Friday, 14 September 2012

The first one:)

We are at that point on the world’s timeline when innumerable problems haunt us. From as basic an amenity as clean drinking water to political relations that I can never comprehend one bit, all reiterate one plain fact, life is tough. Worse, there are only slim chances that it will take a turn for the better anytime soon. If you are caught in a developing nation like the one I am in, you know what life is all about. Darwin’s survival of the fittest theory couldn’t be more true ever than it is today. Wait, Just a minute. Let’s take a break. Does life have to be only about it? Why take the glass-is-half-empty approach and make it look dreary? Does whining about the problems help us in turning the tides in our favour? That’s exactly my point! We as a civilization might be scaling heights that our ancestors wouldn’t have imagined but we have done more than just that. We are creating records when it comes to nervous breakdowns and suicide attempts. We have perhaps failed to realize that there are things beyond a posh villa and a Porsche. Remember the last time you visited a village (only if you ever did)? Serenity is the word! That’s what you feel all around. Believe me we need it desperately. Instead of queuing up outside a psychiatrist’s clinic, it’s time for serious introspection. Oops! Not serious;) Mild soul searching I’d rather say. The world needs more happy men in it than grumpy scientists, doctors and engineers. By now you are probably convinced that I should have enrolled for some crappy philosophy class. You can call me a fool and get away with it….perhaps only after we all have had a hearty laugh over it  :D